Feed the 5000


In John 6:1-12, we read the story of Jesus feeding 5,000 people with five small loaves of bread and two small fish. A small boy, willing to give what little he had, played a pivotal role in this feeding miracle.

A young boy was willing to share, and thousands were fed on a hillside. It was a miracle! Through our willingness to do the same, a feeding miracle can happen here in Carteret County!

St. Peter’s is sponsoring a Food Drive to collect non-perishable food for Martha’s Mission to distribute to the needy in our community. The men of the church are challenged to collect 5,000 items of food, and the women are challenged to do the same. This food drive is a friendly competition to see which group – the men or the women – will be first to reach 5,000. When this goal is reached, the victors will be recognized in some fashion befitting their generosity.

Jesus can take what we offer to Him, even if it seems insignificant, and use it to fulfill His purpose. Can your gift of a can of soup feed all of those who are hungry in Carteret County? Jesus performed a miracle with only a few loaves and fish! We have neighbors who are hungry, and praying for a miracle. Your generosity can help make that miracle a reality.